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Volokitin, A., Roig, G. & Poggio, T. Do Deep Neural Networks Suffer from Crowding?. (2017).PDF icon CBMM-Memo-069.pdf (6.47 MB)
Roig, G., Chen, F., Boix, X. & Poggio, T. Eccentricity Dependent Deep Neural Networks for Modeling Human Vision. Vision Sciences Society (2017).
Chen, F., Roig, G., Isik, L., Boix, X. & Poggio, T. Eccentricity Dependent Deep Neural Networks: Modeling Invariance in Human Vision. AAAI Spring Symposium Series, Science of Intelligence (2017). at <>PDF icon paper.pdf (963.87 KB)
Liang, T., Poggio, T. A., Rakhlin, A. & Stokes, J. Fisher-Rao Metric, Geometry, and Complexity of Neural Networks. (2017). at <>
Han, Y., Roig, G., Geiger, G. & Poggio, T. On the Human Visual System Invariance to Translation and Scale. Vision Sciences Society (2017).
Han, Y., Roig, G., Geiger, G. & Poggio, T. Is the Human Visual System Invariant to Translation and Scale?. AAAI Spring Symposium Series, Science of Intelligence (2017).
Tacchetti, A., Isik, L. & Poggio, T. Invariant action recognition dataset. (2017). at <>
Mutch, J. et al. Computational and Cognitive Neuroscience of Vision 85-104 (Springer, 2017).
Liao, Q. & Poggio, T. A. Object-Oriented Deep Learning. (2017).PDF icon CBMM-Memo-070.pdf (963.54 KB)
Tacchetti, A., Voinea, S., Evangelopoulos, G. & Poggio, T. Representation Learning from Orbit Sets for One-shot Classification. AAAI Spring Symposium Series, Science of Intelligence (2017). at <>
Anselmi, F., Evangelopoulos, G., Rosasco, L. & Poggio, T. Symmetry Regularization. (2017).PDF icon CBMM-Memo-063.pdf (6.1 MB)
Poggio, T. & Liao, Q. Theory II: Landscape of the Empirical Risk in Deep Learning. (2017).PDF icon CBMM Memo 066_1703.09833v2.pdf (5.56 MB)
Zhang, C. et al. Theory of Deep Learning III: Generalization Properties of SGD. (2017).PDF icon CBMM Memo 067 v2 (revised 7/19/2017) (5.88 MB)PDF icon CBMM Memo 067 v3 (revised 9/15/2017) (5.89 MB)
Leibo, J. Z., Liao, Q., Anselmi, F., Freiwald, W. A. & Poggio, T. View-Tolerant Face Recognition and Hebbian Learning Imply Mirror-Symmetric Neural Tuning to Head Orientation. Current Biology 27, 1-6 (2017).
Mhaskar, H., Liao, Q. & Poggio, T. When and Why Are Deep Networks Better Than Shallow Ones?. AAAI-17: Thirty-First AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (2017).
Poggio, T., Mhaskar, H., Rosasco, L., Miranda, B. & Liao, Q. Why and when can deep-but not shallow-networks avoid the curse of dimensionality: A review. International Journal of Automation and Computing 1-17 (2017). doi:10.1007/s11633-017-1054-2PDF icon art%3A10.1007%2Fs11633-017-1054-2.pdf (1.68 MB)
Liao, Q. & Poggio, T. Bridging the Gaps Between Residual Learning, Recurrent Neural Networks and Visual Cortex. (2016).PDF icon CBMM Memo No. 047 (1.29 MB)
Poggio, T. Deep Leaning: Mathematics and Neuroscience. A Sponsored Supplement to Science Brain-Inspired intelligent robotics: The intersection of robotics and neuroscience, 9-12 (2016).
Poggio, T. Deep Learning: mathematics and neuroscience. (2016).PDF icon Deep Learning- mathematics and neuroscience.pdf (1.25 MB)
Mhaskar, H. & Poggio, T. Deep vs. shallow networks : An approximation theory perspective. (2016). doi: icon Original submission, visit the DOI link above for the updated version (960.27 KB)
Isik, L., Tacchetti, A. & Poggio, T. Fast, invariant representation for human action in the visual system. (2016). at <>PDF icon CBMM Memo 042 (3.03 MB)
Luo, Y., Boix, X., Roig, G., Poggio, T. & Zhao, Q. Foveation-based Mechanisms Alleviate Adversarial Examples. (2016).PDF icon cbmm_memo_044.pdf (11.48 MB)
Morère, O. et al. Group Invariant Deep Representations for Image Instance Retrieval. (2016).PDF icon CBMM-Memo-043.pdf (2.66 MB)
Nickel, M., Rosasco, L. & Poggio, T. Holographic Embeddings of Knowledge Graphs. Thirtieth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-16) (2016).PDF icon 1510.04935v2.pdf (360.65 KB)
Liao, Q., Leibo, J. Z. & Poggio, T. How Important Is Weight Symmetry in Backpropagation?. Thirtieth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-16) (Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, 2016).PDF icon liao-leibo-poggio.pdf (191.91 KB)