Join Us

Interested in Deep Learning? AlphaGo? TensorFlow? Adversarial networks, and ‘inceptionism’?

What about software engineering? Curious about web development, functional programming, or the way teams of engineers automate testing and deployment?

The Center for Brains Minds and Machines is starting a new experiment. We are bringing together small teams of students interested in research, engineering and design; to develop projects in a style more like a small company than the typical research lab. We do not have customers and investors, but we will have synergies between people interested in design, research, and engineering. We will have individual ownership over components, engineering discipline, and practical short-term goals.

Because CBMM is NSF funded, all of our work will be open source, and we will develop portfolios we can be proud of for the next steps in our careers.

To learn more about our research, look at the CBMM Research pages. For more about the CBMM Corps projects, look through what we have here on CBMM @ GitHub. See what Specialist Teams and Projects we have in mind.

If this sounds like something you want to be involved in then please see our EIT job posting.