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Lafer-Sousa, R., Conway, B. R. & Kanwisher, N. Color-Biased Regions of the Ventral Visual Pathway Lie between Face- and Place-Selective Regions in Humans, as in Macaques. Journal of Neuroscience 36, 1682 - 1697 (2016).
Fischer, J., Mikhael, J. G., Tenenbaum, J. B. & Kanwisher, N. Functional neuroanatomy of intuitive physical inference. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113, E5072 - E5081 (2016).
Peterson, M. F., Lin, J., Zaun, I. & Kanwisher, N. Individual Differences in Face Looking Behavior Generalize from the Lab to the World. Journal of Vision 16, (2016).PDF icon Real World Face Fixations, Journal of Vision article, 2016 (20.25 MB)
Peterson, M. F., Lin, J., Zaun, I. & Kanwisher, N. Individual differences in face-looking behavior generalize from the lab to the world. Journal of Vision (2016).
Harari, D., Gao, T., Kanwisher, N., Tenenbaum, J. B. & Ullman, S. Measuring and modeling the perception of natural and unconstrained gaze in humans and machines. (2016).PDF icon CBMM-Memo-059.pdf (1.71 MB)
Robertson, C. E., Hermann, K., Mynick, A., Kravitz, D. J. & Kanwisher, N. Neural Representations Integrate the Current Field of View with the Remembered 360° Panorama. Current Biology (2016). doi:10.1016/j.cub.2016.07.002
Kamps, F. S., Julian, J. B., Kubilius, J., Kanwisher, N. & Dilks, D. D. The occipital place area represents the local elements of scenes. NeuroImage 132, 417 - 424 (2016).