Stochastic Consolidation of Lifelong Memory

TitleStochastic Consolidation of Lifelong Memory
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsShaham, N, Chandra, J, Kreiman, G, Sompolinsky, H
Date Published08/2021

Humans have the remarkable ability to continually store new memories, while maintaining old memories for a lifetime. How the brain avoids catastrophic forgetting of memories due to interference between encoded memories is an open problem in computational neuroscience. Here we present a model for continual learning in a recurrent neural network combining Hebbian learning, synaptic decay and a novel memory consolidation mechanism. Memories undergo stochastic rehearsals with rates proportional to the memory’s basin of attraction, causing self-amplified consolidation, giving rise to memory lifetimes that extend much longer than synaptic decay time, and capacity proportional to a power of the number of neurons. Perturbations to the circuit model cause temporally-graded retrograde and anterograde deficits, mimicking observed memory impairments following neurological trauma.


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