The Center for Brains, Minds, and Machines (CBMM) is a multi-institutional NSF Science and Technology Center dedicated to the study of intelligence - how the brain produces intelligent behavior and how we may be able to replicate intelligence in machines.

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Winners of the 2016 Breakthrough Prize awards in Mountain View, Calif., on Sunday evening. Credit Steve Jennings/Getty Images
November 9, 2015
Congratulations to Prof. Edward Boyden who was one of five scientists presented with the Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences last night. Prof Boyden was honored in recognition of his scientific research, specificaly for “transformative advances...

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December 2, 2015 - 3:00 pm
Harvard Northwest Building Room 255
Carlo Ciliberto
December 2, 2015 - 4:00 pm
Harvard Northwest Building, Room 243

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C. Fisher and Freiwald, W., Whole-agent selectivity within the macaque face-processing system, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), p. 201512378, In Press.PDF icon Authors' last version of article.  (3.1 MB)
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