CBMM - Science of Intelligence Initiative (SCIoI) Workshop

Members from both groups talking
January 9, 2018

On December 13-14, 2017, principal investigators from CBMM and the Science of Intelligence Initiative (SCIoI) held a workshop at MIT to determine joint research initiatives. SCIoI is currently under review as a proposed Cluster of Excellence in the Excellence Initiative by the German government. SCIoI shares with CBMM the vision of understanding intelligence by creating a new interdisciplinary field—the Science and Engineering of Intelligence. Research initiatives will be designed to transfer complementary expertise between CBMM and SCIoI. We are also planning to define shared challenge problems and common research efforts.  

The proposed Cluster of Excellence SCIoI would be located at Technische Universität Berlin, bringing together 22 researchers from six institutions from the Berlin region (TU Berlin, HU Berlin, FU Berlin, Charité, Max Planck Institute for Human Development, and University of Potsdam). The researchers of SCIoI bring expertise from many scientific disciplines concerned with the study of intelligence, both artificial and biological. The proposed cluster SCIoI also includes a graduate school to train Master’s and doctoral students in intelligence research.