MIT announces new collaboration with the Weizmann Institute of Science [MIT News]

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August 6, 2018

Collaboration between MIT and Weizmann Institute of Science supports new avenues of scientific research.
Sagol family grant will enable MIT and Israel's Weizmann Institute of Science to work together on multidisciplinary projects.

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August 2, 2018

MIT and the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel have announced a new research collaboration, made possible by a gift from the Sagol family, that will support a series of multidisciplinary projects between the two institutions across all areas of science. 

Longtime philanthropists, the Sagols are the founders of the Sagol Neuroscience and Longevity Network, a series of 12 centers at eight Israeli institutions focused on brain science, aging, and longevity. The gift was announced at MIT during the Global Gathering of the Weizmann Institute, which was held in Boston in June. 

“This gift will not only seed joint research between Weizmann and MIT, two great institutions but I would like it to be the starting point to seed scientific collaborations between the Sagol Network in Israel and scientists in Massachusetts, another major hub of scientific activity,” Sami Sagol said.

He says hopes others will follow his lead “so that Israel develops a deeper connection with Massachusetts.”

“When we’re done with that, the sky’s the limit,” he said.

The program entails competitively awarded grants to support research collaborations between pairs (or teams) of faculty from the Weizmann Institute and MIT. The Weizmann Institute and MIT will establish a scientific committee consisting of members of both institutions that will issue a call for research proposals. In addition, leadership at both institutions will actively solicit proposals in promising areas identified in consultation with faculty at the Weizmann Institute and at MIT. 



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