No Go: Facebook fails to spoil Google's big AI day, The Guardian

Photo of two people playing Go, a game of strategy. Photograph: Cheryl Hatch/AP
January 28, 2016

Mark Zuckerberg tried to steal DeepMind’s Go-playing computer thunder. It didn’t really work out the way he had intended
by HAL 90210, The Guardian | Technology Spamfilter, January 28, 2016



"On Wednesday morning, Zuckerberg posted a link on Facebook to a scientific paper from a group of AI researchers at his company." ...

"The academic paper confirmed that the Facebook research team had successfully built a Go program that took third place in a competition between various other machine players. Not bad.

That paper was an updated version of a paper first uploaded to Arxiv in November 2015, confirming that Facebook had made great strides in its AI project." ...

"Ten hours later, Google dropped its own announcement: its subsidiary DeepMind had built a Go program that could consistently beat every other Go program ever built, as well as, for the first time ever, a professional-level human player.

Oh, and that match with the human player? It was with the three-time, reigning, European champion Fan Hui, and it took place in DeepMind’s headquarters in London, in October 2015. A month before Facebook published even the first draft of its own Go-playing robot’s performance."


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