Martin Chodorow

Martin Chodorow
Professor, Hunter College Department of Psychology and CUNY Graduate Center Doctoral Programs in Psychology and Linguistics

Martin Chodorow is a cognitive psychologist and a computational linguist. His research in cognitive psychology focuses on two areas – proofreading and implicit memory. Everyone has had the experience that it is harder to find errors in their own writing than in the writing of others, and that, after a delay, their own errors seem to be easier to detect. Prof. Chodorow studies the ways in which familiarity, expectation, context, and

word frequency interact to make misspellings and other errors easier or harder to find during proofreading. His second area of research in cognitive psychology is implicit memory, memory without awareness. It is typically demonstrated by measuring repetition priming – the facilitation of processing that occurs when a stimulus is presented a second time. His work looks at interference effects in implicit memory that result when newly presented stimuli are similar to an implicitly remembered stimulus. Prof. Chodorow's research in computational linguistics focuses on the development of automated systems for evaluating writing. He has worked on methods for detecting grammar and word usage errors that are particularly common in the writing of non-native English speakers, and on diagnosing problems involving discourse coherence which are common in both native and non-native writing. Professor Chodorow teaches undergraduate courses on Cognitive Processes and Cognitive Science, and graduate courses on Statistics.

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