Undergraduate Lecture Series 2015

Undergraduate Lecture Series 2015

Prof. Pawan Sinha - MIT - "Modeling vision: Project Prakash"
Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Laboratory for Vision Research at MIT

Patrick Winston - MIT - "The Genesis Group"
CBMM Coordinator for Research & Thrust 3 Investigator – Visual Intelligence, and Ford Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science

Rebecca Saxe - MIT - "Theory of Mind"
CBMM Research Thrust 1 Investigator – Development of Intelligence, and Associate Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience,  Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences

Ken Nakayama - Harvard University - "Face Recognition"
CBMM Research Thrust 4 Investigator – Social Intelligence, Edgar Pierce Professor of Psychology

  • Ken Nakayama's website
  • Developmental prosopagnosia: a window to content-specific face processing (PDF) - A 2006 review article on Developmental prosopagnosia by Bradley Duchaine and Ken Nakayama  
  • Super-recognizers: People with extraordinary face recognition ability (PDF) - a great 2009 article by Russell, Duchaine and Nakayama on the study of individuals with superior face recognition abilities. 
  • Lecture Slides (PPTX)

Talia Konkle - Harvard University - " "
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology

Ed Boyden - MIT - "Tools for mapping and repairing the brain"
CBMM Research Thrust 2 Investigator – Circuits for Intelligence, and Associate Professor of Biological Engineering and Brain and Cognitive Sciences

Leyla Isik - MIT - " "
CBMM Research Thrusts 2 & 4 Postdoctoral Associate - Circuits for Intelligence, Social intelligence

Liz Spelke - Harvard University - " "
CBMM Associate Director and CBMM Research Thrusts 1, 4 & 5 Investigator, Development of Intelligence, Social Intelligence, Theories for Intelligence, Professor - Department of Psychology

Nancy Kanwisher - MIT
CBMM Research Thrust 4 Leader – Social Intelligence, and Walter A. Rosenblith Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience in the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences