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H. W. Lin and Tegmark, M., Why does deep and cheap learning work so well?, arXiv preprint arXiv:1608.08225, Submitted.PDF icon 1608.08225.pdf (2.14 MB)
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G. Kreiman, A null model for cortical representations with grandmothers galore, Language, Cognition and Neuroscience, pp. 274 - 285, 2017.
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H. Penagos, Varela, C., and Wilson, M. A., Oscillations, neural computations and learning during wake and sleep, Current Opinion in Neurobiology, vol. 44C, no. June 2017, 2017.
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J. Sliwa and Freiwald, W. A., A Dedicated Network for Social Interaction Processing in the Primate Brain, Science, vol. Vol. 356, no. Issue 6339, pp. pp. 745-749, 2017.
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