NeuroDecodeR: a package for neural decoding in RData_Sheet_1.docx

TitleNeuroDecodeR: a package for neural decoding in RData_Sheet_1.docx
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2024
AuthorsMeyers, EM
JournalFrontiers in Neuroinformatics
Date Published01/2024

Neural decoding is a powerful method to analyze neural activity. However, the code needed to run a decoding analysis can be complex, which can present a barrier to using the method. In this paper we introduce a package that makes it easy to perform decoding analyses in the R programing language. We describe how the package is designed in a modular fashion which allows researchers to easily implement a range of different analyses. We also discuss how to format data to be able to use the package, and we give two examples of how to use the package to analyze real data. We believe that this package, combined with the rich data analysis ecosystem in R, will make it significantly easier for researchers to create reproducible decoding analyses, which should help increase the pace of neuroscience discoveries.

Short TitleFront. Neuroinform.

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