CBMM Memos

The new CBMM Memo series achieves the following goals:

  • to share preliminary versions of new results faster than we can by publishing only in traditional journals
  • to fulfill our commitment to NSF
  • to share our work with the broader community
  • to keep track in one place of our joint and cumulative results
  • to create a body of work on the science and technology of intelligence

The CBMM series is posted online via DSpace@MIT and the arXiv.org (which provide a neutral time stamp) and available on our Web site.

Instructions for submitting a new Submission of a CBMM Memo

  • Make sure that the memo describes work that is relevant to the CBMM and is supported at least in part by the CBMM Note: the memo standard acknowledgment says “This work was supported by the Center for Brains, Minds and Machines (CBMM), funded by NSF STC award  CCF – 1231216.” Ask the thrust leader if in doubt.
  • Ask the appropriate CBMM Thrust Leaders to review and approve your memo.
  • Upon Thrust Leader’s approval, contact Kathleen Sullivan, email: kdsulliv [a] mit.edu, and cc your Thrust Leader, and request a memo number assignment and the CBMM cover template. Kathleen will send you the cover page template with your memo number and arXiv submission instructions.
  • Login to the CBMM website and click on Add Publication and upload your memo selecting CBMM Memo as the Publication Type.
  • We highly recommend that you upload at least an abstract of your memo to arXiv.org, and preferably the entire Memo, to further disseminate your work.
  • Within a few days of submiting your memo on the Center website, it will be added to the DSpace@MIT collection for you.

Note: The Center does not expect problems with publishing Memos as either pre-prints or post prints. For most major journals, having published a CBMM Memos does not preclude publishing the paper through their journal.

CBMM Memo No.
CBMM Funded
CBMM Memo No.
CBMM Funded
CBMM Memo No.
CBMM Funded