2017 Summer Workshop for Teachers

Neuroengineering and Artificial Intelligence

The 2017 CBMM Teachers’ workshop was offered from July 10 - 14, 2017.

View the workshop schedule and complete list of talks given (pdf)

2017 HHMI Workshop for Science Teachers List of Participants:

ANNDY DANNENBERG Newton North HS AP Biology and Forensics

The Vertebrate Visual System:

AARON MATHIEU Acton-Boxborough Regional HS Honors Biology, AP Biology, Alternative Program

Using Python to Analyze a Protein:

STELLA BARTH * The Williams School 6th grade , 9th-10th grade Biology, Honors Biology Oceanography 8th grade Physical Science

Phantom Limb"

GEOFFREY CATANIA Norfolk County Aggie Biology, Physics, Environmental Science, Forensics

Brain Plasticity:

ANA CALDEIRA Somerville HS Anatomy and Physiology

Python and Protein Synthesis:

LISA LORD Melrose HS Psychology

Broca's and Wernicke's Aphasia:

REBEKAH RAVGIALA Tyngsborough HS 9th-10th grade Biology; AP Biology

Designing Prosthetics:

JILL MORAN Newburyport HS 9th grade Biology; 10-12 th anatomy and Physio 

MRI and Neurscience:

ROBERT MARX Andover HS 10th grade Biology; 10-12 th anatomy and Physio

Artificial Intelligence:

BARBARA GIBSON Newton North HS Biology, Forensics, Oceanography

The Vertebrate Visual System:

CHARLES FITTZ Groton-Dunstble Reg Biology; AP environmental biology

Dyslexia; Synaptic Effects of Drugs:

R.M. HUNGATE Lee Middle and HS AP Biology, AP Env. SCi, Chem, 8th grade life science

Prosthetics - Past, Present, and Future:

LONNIE QUIRION Hudson HS AP Psychology

Cogntive and Moral Development - Comparing classic theories with emerging science:

CHRISTINE THOMPSON Algonquin Regional HS AP Biology, Biotech

Diffusion MRI:

BRIAN MINTZ Masconomet AP Psychology

Cogntive and Moral Development - Comparing classic theories with emerging science:

MEREDITH NUSSBAUM Brockton HS Chem, Bio, earth Sc grade 9-11

Python and Protein Synthesis:

JULIE SNYDER Hudson HS AP Biology, Honors Biology  

Kanwisher Journal Club: