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Photo of Prof. Josh Tenenbaum
September 25, 2019
Brain and cognitive sciences professor studies how the human mind is able to learn so rapidly. Anne Trafton | MIT News Office September 25, 2019 Excerpt: Josh Tenenbaum, a professor in MIT’s...

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Photo of Mikhail Belkin
October 28, 2019 - 4:00 pm
Singleton Auditorium
Mikhail Belkin, Professor, The Ohio State University - Depar...
Title: Beyond Empirical Risk Minimization: the lessons of deep learning Abstract: "A model with...

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Candace Ross: Artificial Learning
Candace Ross: Artificial Learning
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Embedded thumbnail for Universal and Non-universal Features of Musical Pitch Perception Revealed by Singing
Published in Current Biology (09/2019)
Lead author Nori Jacoby and PI Josh McDermott discuss their findings on pitch perception in western cultures as compared to an indigenous society in Bolivia...

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