Science|Business ranks recipients of National Science Foundation grants in AI - and finds an Italian at MIT is the biggest winner
May 14, 2024
Carnegie Mellon, UC San Diego top US grant winners for AI research
Science|Business ranks recipients of National Science Foundation grants in AI - and finds an Italian at MIT is the biggest winner
By Raffaele Guerini
The US has...
May 1, 2024
Three neurosymbolic methods help language models find better abstractions within natural language, then use those representations to execute complex tasks.
Alex Shipps | MIT CSAIL
Large language models (LLMs) are becoming...
April 19, 2024
[Translated from Italian to English by Google Translate]
History and future of ChatGPT and its sisters in the book just published by the Italian scientist who became famous at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston...
April 2, 2024
September 9 - December 13, 2024
Scientific Overview
The quest to understand intelligence is one of the great scientific endeavors—on par with quests to understand the origins of life or the foundations of the physical world....
March 19, 2024
Designing machines to think like humans provides insight into intelligence itself
By George Musser
he dream of artificial intelligence has never been just to make a grandmaster-beating chess engine or a chatbot that tries to...
March 4, 2024
A study of people in 15 countries reveals that while everyone favors rhythms with simple integer ratios, biases can vary quite a bit across societies.
Anne Trafton | MIT News
When listening to music, the human brain appears to be...
robot hands holding a wooden maze with a worm crawling through it tying to get to an X
February 14, 2024
by Jonathan Shaw
Could an artificial neural network connected to the brain of a living animal improve its performance on a task, such as the ability to find food? A strength of biologically based intelligence is that it performs...
student group photo standing on the main steps of MIT
January 30, 2024
More than 80 students and faculty from a dozen collaborating institutions became immersed at the intersection of computation and life sciences and forged new ties to MIT and each other.
David Orenstein | The Picower Institute for...
January 29, 2024
Joel Oppenheim was a wise and generous man. We were fortunate to work with him when he joined the CBMM External Advisory Committee (EAC) at its inception in 2014, and got to know him well because he served as an advisor for our...
January 18, 2024
Across mammalian species, brain waves are slower in deep cortical layers, while superficial layers generate faster rhythms.
Anne Trafton | MIT News
Paper: “A ubiquitous spectrolaminar motif of local field potential power across...