photo of monkey
July 23, 2018
"Most animals, including our primate cousins, communicate: they gesture, grimace, grunt, and sing. As a rule, however, they do not speak. So how, exactly, did humans acquire their unique talent for verbal discourse? And how do...
photo of Winrich Freiwald
July 16, 2018
Following an enthusiastic endorsement by the Committee on Scientific Affairs, three Rockefeller scientists have been promoted to professor, effective July 1. Receiving promotions are Sean Brady, head of the Laboratory of...
July 13, 2018
Your humble author of the Ombudsman Alert, who taught Mathematics at MIT during 1957-60, was honored  to also be a junior member of a research team in the emerging...
An illustration portrays a brain with a biological left hemisphere and a digital right hemisphere
July 12, 2018
"MIT recently announced the “Intelligence Quest.” President Rafael Reif said the campuswide initiative will pursue two key questions: “How does human intelligence work, in engineering terms? And how can we use that deep grasp of...
Carlos Ponce
June 25, 2018
(Carlos R. Ponce is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Neuroscience at Washington University School of Medicine. The opinions expressed are his own.)
By Carlos R. Ponce
"While preparing for a recent move to St. Louis,...
old robotic arm
June 18, 2018
How does human intelligence work, in engineering terms? And how can we use that deep grasp of human intelligence to build wiser and more useful machines?
This year MIT launched the MIT Intelligence Quest, an initiative to...
lightbulb with a brain inside
June 17, 2018
By Akshaiyaa V S
And God said, “Let there be light”.
Figuratively, this bible verse points towards light as the foundation of life; the driving force behind our psyche. Bright light is always associated with joy and victory. But...
rotating colorful shapes
June 14, 2018
DeepMind’s advance could lead to machines that can make better sense of a scene.
by Will Knight
Machines will need to get a lot better at making sense of the world on their own if they are ever going to become truly intelligent....
Photo of Prof. Antonio Torralba
June 11, 2018
On June 11, 2018, Provost Martin A. Schmidt announced that Prof. Antonio Torralba has been named the inaugural director of the MIT Quest for Intelligence, effective immediately.
“The range of questions we aspire to explore...
photo of Max Tegmark
June 10, 2018
by Kyle Wiggers @Kyle_L_Wiggers
To describe Max Tegmark’s career as “storied” is to do the Swedish-American physicist a disservice. He’s a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, scientific director of the...