Tomaso Poggio and team presented with ICCV Helmholtz Prize

August 12, 2022

Tomaso Poggio and team were awarded the 2021 Helmholtz Prize for their paper HMDB: A large video database for human motion recognition (H. Kuehne; H. Jhuang; E. Garrote; T. Poggio; T. Serre). The paper has been cited over 1400 times with 6 patent citations.

The Helmholtz Prize is an award given biyearly by the TCPAMI at the International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV) for fundamental contributions in Computer Vision. The award recognizes ICCV papers from ten years ago with significant impact on computer vision research. The award is named after the 19th century physician and physicist Hermann von Helmholtz.

Beginning this year, the Awards Committee is accepting nominations for papers to be considered for the Helmholtz prize. With the continued growth of our research community, including the number of papers appearing at ICCV each year, the committee feels that opening up the process for nominations will improve the selection process and reduce the chances of missing a worthy paper. Please note that a paper does NOT need an external nomination to be considered for the award. The selection committee will still conduct its usual process, with nominated papers added to the pool under consideration. Nominations are particularly encouraged for papers where the original version first appeared at ICCV but a better-known and more commonly cited version was subsequently published in journal form, making the full impact of the ICCV paper less obvious.

Nominations should include the title of the paper with a brief explanation of any non-obvious impact. Nominations should be submitted by the deadline set by the PAMI TC Chair to

Winners are decided by a committee appointed by the TCPAMI Awards Committee.

Click here for the wikipedia article on this prize.

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