Computational Tutorials

About us:

BCS Computational Tutorial series is a student-led initiative that helps to promote and teach novel computational methods. Our goal is to bring researchers in brain and cognitive sciences closer to the researchers creating computational methods. A computational tutorial can consist of any method, tool or model that is broadly relevant within neuroscience, cognitive science, and artificial intelligence.
Past tutorials have covered a wide range of topics from reinforcement learning and interactive physical simulations to analysis of temporal sequences and animal behavior tracking. The format of tutorials is flexible with each presenter. Typically, each tutorial consists of a short lecture, and an interactive part with tutorials or ‘office hours’ to work through practice problems, and discuss hurdles that attendees might encounter in their own research.


Organizers: Greta Tuckute ( and Fernanda De La Torre (

Topic suggestions?

If you encountered a paper with an impressive computational method that you would like to learn more about, please let us know here! Feel free to suggest specific researchers, we will reach out to them.

Interested in presenting?  

MIT BCS has a community eager to learn and share, we are hoping you can closely interact with students and faculty through this series. If you are interested in leading a tutorial, please enter your contact info in this link. Tutorial sessions are usually a hybrid of in-person and virtual attendees.