Knowledge Transfer Events


CBMM co-sponsored a Workshop on “Learning Data Representation: Hierarchies and Invariance,”  in November 2013, with the Laboratory for Computational and Statistical Learning (LCSL).  LCSL is a joint lab between CBMM international partner Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia and MIT.  See further details under International Programs.

CBMM invites speakers from the next generation of researchers in the field of Intelligence. We are currently organizing the next year symposia and workshop series.

Weekly Research Meetings

CBMM hosts a weekly seminar throughout the academic year, allowing each researcher to present their progress about twice a year to other researchers and faculty members. The weekly meeting is hosted alternatively between the MIT and Harvard campuses and provides all researchers with regular feedback from their colleagues, as well as valuable experience in delivering lectures and seminars.

Brains, Minds and Machines Seminar Series

CBMM sponsors a series of talks focused on intelligence research. The location of these talks alternates between the MIT and Harvard campuses. To sign up for BMM Seminar Series email announcements, click here.

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Annual Retreat

Participating faculty, students, and postdocs from CBMM member institutions would attend and many would present. Every effort would be made to ensure full participation at all levels by women and minorities.