January Workshop: Introduction to computational tools used in neuroscience research

By Invitation only.

This quantitative methods workshop is offered the first week of January and is open to students and faculty from our CBMM's Partner Institutions for Broader Participation (PIBP):

  • Florida International University
  • Howard University
  • Hunter College
  • University of Central Florida
  • UMass Boston
  • University of Puerto Rico & Universidad Central del Caribe
  • Wellesley College

and a few other minority/women serving institutions. Participants will be selected by faculty at participating institutions.

The goal of this intensive week-long workshop is to expose students and faculty from partner institutions to methods used in computational and cognitive neuroscience research. The workshop will cover select topics in computer science, mathematics and statistics, neuroscience, genomics, and cognitive science. Participants will be introduced to experimental approaches and tools such as fMRI, MEG, and Calcium imaging used to generate experimental data, as well as MATLAB, Python and other software routinely used to analyze experimental data. -

The workshop is offered at MIT once a year in early January and is capped at 50 participants. A modified on-line version is also available through Edx.