Automotive Hall of Fame: Amnon Shashua, Mobility Innovator Award 2022

August 12, 2022

From Amnon Shashua's LinkedIn:

"Being entered into the Automotive Hall of Fame as this year’s mobility innovator is an incredible honor. 
It is even a greater privilege to be someone outside of the mainstream of car design, development, or racing to receive this honor. 
I am a computer scientist, an academic professor at heart, who 23 years ago realized that the car industry is the ideal platform for innovation and #AI at scale. 
Today, 23 years since I cofounded Mobileye, driving assist features in more than 120 million cars are powered by our SoC. Computer vision and machine learning are standard equipment in almost every new car on the road. 
I have been blessed to be surrounded by the best minds on the planet to help me see my two-decade vision become a reality. What started as a driving assistance feature has laid the groundwork for what will make a modern car. 
I congratulate the other honorees for their amazing achievements. I thank the OEMs that believed in our technology and shared our vision, as well as Intel Corporation for their nurturing and support, my team at Mobileye, my supporting family, and of course the Automotive Hall of Fame for the great honor they have bestowed on me."

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