MRI view of human head/brain
December 16, 2020
Another recent study found that a unique signature exists in the brains of people suffering from loneliness, which makes them fundamentally distinguishable from others.
Sandipan Talukdar
While loneliness has been a matter of...
December 11, 2020
Written by: Dan Gutfreund
Exactly one year ago, a team of researchers from the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab and the Center for Brains, Minds, and Machines presented a new dataset, called ObjectNet, for testing object recognition models...
two of Boston Dynamics' robots
December 9, 2020
Hyundai Motor Co. has decided to acquire the US robotics firm Boston Dynamics Inc. from SoftBank Group for slightly less than 1 trillion won ($921 million) and will finalize the acquisition at its Dec. 10 board meeting, according...
Neural Information Processing Systems logo
December 7, 2020
The Center for Brains, Minds and Machines is well-represented at the thirty-fourth Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS 2020).
IBM-MIT launch new AI challenge to push the limits of object recognition...
Photo of Prof. Elizabeth Spelke
December 4, 2020
The Association for Psychological Science (APS) is pleased to announce its lifetime achievement award recipients for 2021. As the premier international organization dedicated to advancing scientific psychology across disciplinary...
December 3, 2020
Adding a module that mimics part of the brain can prevent common errors made by computer vision models.
Anne Trafton | MIT News Office
Computer vision models known as convolutional neural networks can be trained to recognize...
November 30, 2020
Google’s deep-learning program for determining the 3D shapes of proteins stands to transform biology, say scientists.
by Ewen Callaway
An artificial intelligence (AI) network developed by Google AI offshoot DeepMind has made a...
robot stacking blocks
November 24, 2020
What's SSUP? The Sample, Simulate, Update cognitive model developed by MIT researchers learns to use tools like humans do.

Human beings are naturally creative tool users. When we need to drive in a nail but don’t have a hammer...
October 20, 2020
Recurrent processing via prefrontal cortex, necessary for quick visual object processing in primates, provides a key insight for developing brain-like artificial intelligence.
Alli Gold | School of Science
MIT researchers have...
October 2, 2020
In some situations, asking “what if everyone did that?” is a common strategy for judging whether an action is right or wrong.
Anne Trafton | MIT News Office

Imagine that one day you’re riding the train and decide to hop the...