brain shaped out of different currency symbols
October 10, 2018
Micron Ventures announced it will invest up to $100 million in venture funding targeted at technology startups focused on artificial intelligence (AI), with twenty percent aimed at startups led by women and other underrepresented...
Prof. Tomaso Poggio
October 5, 2018
CBMM Director Tomaso Poggio will be giving the plenary talk at Fujitsu Laboratories Advanced Technology Symposium 2018 (FLATS 2018), on October 9, 2018, in the Santa Clara Convention Center. Fujitsu Laboratories hosts the annual...
BMM Summer Course 2018 students working together
October 5, 2018
New investment supports intelligence research, student fellowships

Julie Pryor | McGovern Institute for Brain Research | MIT News
October 4, 2018

Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. and MIT's Center for Brains, Minds and Machines (CBMM...
MIT researchers have devised a way to help robots navigate environments more like humans do.
October 4, 2018
In simulations, robots move through new environments by exploring, observing, and drawing from learned experiences.
by Rob Matheson | MIT News Office
When moving through a crowd to reach some end goal, humans can usually navigate...
Prof. Ethan Meyers
September 24, 2018
Meyers will analyze animal brain activity in real time using algorithms he has created
By Abigail Meisel
An interdisciplinary team of researchers from UMass and Hampshire, among them Assistant Professor of Statistics Ethan Meyers...
Antonio Torralba - Photo: Lillie Paquette/School of Engineering
September 21, 2018
Inaugural director of The Quest discusses what's been accomplished since last spring's launch and what is on the horizon.
It’s hard to name a field that artificial intelligence hasn’t impacted already. From mobile devices with...
AI Dialogue between CEO of Cheetah Mobile and MIT professor Max Tegmark [Pandaily]
September 19, 2018
“This is the most important conversation of our time, and Tegmark’s thought-provoking book will help you join it.” As Stephen Hawking comments on the book Life 3.0: Being Human in the age of Artificial Intelligence, an AI...
  Researchers showed humans, monkeys, and computer models an odd assortment of objects and scenes.  Jonas Kubilius/DiCarlo Lab
September 17, 2018
By Kelly Servick
"PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA—While artificial intelligence (AI) has been busy trouncing humans at Go and spawning eerily personable Alexas, some neuroscientists have harbored a different hope: that the types of...
Robot AI
September 15, 2018
by Phil Rowley
"I’ve just finished reading the book Life 3.0 by physicist & AI philosopher Max Tegmark, where he sets out a series of possible scenarios and outcomes for humankind sharing the planet with...
Josh Tenenbaum on stage at EmTech
September 15, 2018
We have lot of AI technologies, but no real artificial intelligence. MIT's Josh Tenenbaum leads a moonshot effort to close this gap by reverse engineering how children learn.
By John Morris for Between the Lines
"The world has...