William Gregory Sakas

William Gregory Sakas
William Gregory
Professor & Chair, Department of Computer Science; Graduate Program in Linguistics
Department:  Computer Science

William Sakas is an Associate Professor of Computer Science and Linguistics at the City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate Center where he was the founding director of the Computational Linguistics Program. He is currently the Chair of the Computer Science Department at Hunter College, CUNY. Dr. Sakas’s research is focused on

computational modeling of human language: What are the consequential components of a computational model and how do they correlate with psycholinguistic data and human mental capacities? His work makes use of both corpora of child-directed speech as well as a multi-language domain constructed by his research group of 3,072 abstract, linguistically-motivated grammars designed as a testbed for computational models of human syntax acquisition. Research methods draw from computational linguistics, computational psycholinguistics, machine learning, probabilistic modeling, corpus analysis, psycholinguistics, linguistic theory and formal learning theory. He is also actively involved in several projects that bring computer science curricula into NYC public high schools.

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