H. Philip Zeigler

H. Philip Zeigler
H. Philip
Department:  Psychology

Professor Zeigler has been a pioneer in the comparative study of trigeminal system function, having published over 100 papers, many with international collaborators, focusing on his work with both birds and mammals, as well as editing a substantial number of Conference volumes. Zeigler’s work has focused on the way in which trigeminal sensory input is processed and integrated with the motor system during eating and drinking and the control of the whiskers for active sensing behavior in rodents. His laboratory has combined electrophysiology, anatomy and behavioral techniques for the study of “active sensing” (whisking) in rodents. Using novel, computer-assisted technology makes it possible to bring “active sensing” (exploration) under behavioral control and to monitor both behavior and single-unit activity in actively exploring rodents. A collaborative project with Prof. Feinstein of Biology explores the molecular genetics and development of the trigeminal system, and the behavioral and anatomical effects of gene deletion in this system.

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