AFNI Training Bootcamp

What AFNI Is

AFNI is a leading software suite of C, Python and R programs and shell scripts, primarily developed for the analysis and display of anatomical and functional MRI (FMRI) data. It is freely available (both in source code and in precompiled binaries) for research purposes. The software is made to run on virtually any Unix system with X11 and Motif displays. Binary packages are provided for MacOS and Linux systems including Fedora, Ubuntu (including the Ubuntu under the Windows Subsystem for Linux).

Link to basic Unix Tutorial

Link to instruction for AFNI bootcamp setup (installation and class data)

In order to obtain a basic check of AFNI, open a Terminal or X-Quartz/X-11 window. At the prompt, please enter:

Target Audience

The course is aimed at people who are already doing fMRI, and it is not an introduction to how fMRI works -- it is an introduction to the use of AFNI for analysis of fMRI data. If you are not going to be doing fMRI data analysis in the very near future after this class, you will probably find the Bootcamp to be a waste of your (and our) efforts.

Schedule (PDF)

Class Materials

Visit the NIMH website for the latest version of the handouts - and this slightly prettier interface to most of those -


We recommend viewing the videos at 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) resolution for the best experience. A lot of code and type is displayed that may be hard to read otherwise.

This event was organized by the CBMM Trainee Leadership Council.