This autonomous trucking startup out of MIT wants computers to think like human drivers, and it just became the first self-driving truck investment for Founders Fund [Business Insider]

November 12, 2019
  • isee, an autonomous driving startup for trucks, announced $15 million in Series A funding from Founders Fund on Monday.
  • Unlike other autonomous driving and logistics startups, isee uses proprietary deep learning and cognitive AI technology to try to give its trucks "common sense," an area that other technologies struggle to replicate
  • The startup is Founders Fund's first investment in the red-hot logistics sector. Still, partner Scott Nolan told Business Insider that the firm is investing in the isee team and its technology specifically, not the larger trend.
  • The team is comprised of a notable computer research lab under cognitive science professor Josh Tenenbaum at MIT. Maintaining a high bar for new hires is one of the key challenges facing the team of former academics, Nolan said.

There's a new autonomous driving startup on the block, and it just brought on one of the most sought-after investors in Silicon Valley.

That startup, isee, announced $15 million in Series A funding from Founders Fund on Monday. Although Founders Fund has backed a self-driving startup in the past, this is its first foray into the red hot automated logistics and shipping industry, given isee's focus on the trucking industry.

"The other self driving companies out there were operating with the same tech stack and weren't differentiated at all. They are all using the same sensors, the same data sets, and the same approaches to collecting that data," Founders Fund partner Scott Nolan told Business Insider...

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