CBMM Siemens Graduate Fellowship Nominations Underway

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September 22, 2017

In September 2014, the Siemens Corporation generously established the CBMM Siemens Graduate Fellowship. This fellowship provides support, for one academic year, to an MIT graduate student whose research bridges two of the main CBMM disciplines (computer science, cognitive science, and neuroscience) and contributes to the CBMM goals of developing a computationally based understanding of human intelligence and establishing an engineering practice based on that understanding. During the funded academic year, the CBMM Siemens Fellow will collaborate closely with Siemens Research, visiting the laboratory and completing a month-long summer internship at Siemens Research Labs in Princeton, NJ.

The 2017 nomination process is underway. The CBMM thrust leaders will nominate student candidates and a nominating committee will then select the 2017 Siemens Fellow.

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