McCarthy takes Congress back to school on AI [Yahoo!News]

April 29, 2023

by Elizabeth Elkind

EXCLUSIVE: House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is launching an effort to get members of Congress educated on artificial intelligence, as the rapidly advancing technology enters more facets of everyday life and pressure to regulate it grows.

Against the backdrop of hours of tense negotiations that ultimately led to House Republicans passing their debt limit bill earlier this week, lawmakers took time this week to hear from two MIT-based AI experts.

Heading into the meeting on Tuesday, McCarthy stressed a bipartisan approach to AI and noted that its relevance spanned multiple Congressional committees.

"It’s great because members on both sides of the aisle can be here. They can get more knowledge before we’re doing any legislation," he told Fox News Digital in a brief interview. "We are all in it together, it doesn't matter what committee you're on."

Lawmakers heard from MIT Professors Antonio Torralba and Aleksander Madry as part of a session McCarthy had set up for lawmakers.

"I took a number of members out to MIT more than a year ago," McCarthy said. "MIT actually had a course on AI and quantum that the generals in our military take, so I had them develop a course for members on our Intel Committee as well, and others," McCarthy said. "You can never go wrong with Congress being… educated on subjects, and especially subjects that are going to harbor into the future..."

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