NIPS 2015: Thank you

December 21, 2015

CBMM would like to thank Prof. Tomaso Poggio, Prof. Gabriel Kreiman, and Dr. Max Nickel, for making this year's symposium at NIPS possible. The symposium was a huge success.

A special thank you to all of the symposium speakers!

Prof. Tomaso Poggio, Dr. Christof Koch, Prof. Gabriel Kreiman,  Dr. Andrew Saxe, Prof. Surya Ganguli, Dr. Demis Hassabis, Prof. Josh Tenenbaum, Prof. Gary Marcus, and Dr. Terrence Sejnowski.

A thank you from NIPS:

"Thanks for organizing the symposium The theme was perfect for NIPS and bridged a wide range of interests, with very positive feedback from all." - Terry Sejnowski, President of the Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) Foundation.