Ombudsman Alert: Why A Pre-Verbal Child Can Be Smarter Than A Computer! [Rockland County News]

July 13, 2018



Your humble author of the Ombudsman Alert, who taught Mathematics at MIT during 1957-60, was honored  to also be a junior member of a research team in the emerging science of Artificial Intelligence established in those years by MIT Professors John McCarthy and Marvin Minsky, currently known as the “Fathers of Artificial Intelligence” as well as Professor Claude Shannon, widely recognized as the “Father of Information Theory”

Notwithstanding the considerable further developments in the science of Artificial Intelligence(AI) over the past 58 years, current MIT Professor Josh Tenenbaum in his recent pioneering work exploring the minds of young pre-verbal children was able to establish the unprecedented fact that such a child, in some respects, “IS SMARTER THAN ANY MACHINE”(including computers utilizing the latest developments in AI)..."

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