Partnership with Schlumberger Limited

Schlumberger logo
March 28, 2014

CBMM is delighted to announce an industrial partnership with Schlumberger Limited, the world leader in oil-field exploration services.  The goal of this partnership is to further knowledge in aspects of machine learning, artificial intelligence and related fields as it relates to the solution of complex engineering problems such as those in the area of oil exploration.

Tarek Habashy, Director of Schlumberger Research – Boston recently announced a donation of $100,000 towards this venture, saying:

“Schlumberger deals with data that are getting increasingly complex and large which makes it more and more difficult to process and analyze using traditional data processing or management tools. Emerging areas related to machine learning, artificial intelligence and cognitive engineering have the potential of adapting and automating human intelligence in analyzing the data and efficiently processing large data sets within practical turn-around times. CBMM is well equipped to develop solutions to address these challenges and to make significant advances in this field. Schlumberger is looking forward to a productive collaboration with CBMM in this area.”

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