Researchers create a computer program that learns the way humans do, The Washington Post

Image by Danqing Wang (The Washington Post)
December 10, 2015

by Joel Achenbach
The Washington Post
December 10, 2015

An excerpt from the article:

"Machines and humans learn differently. This has been a central fact of Artificial Intelligence research for decades. If you cram enough data into a machine, and let the algorithms grind away tirelessly, the computer can detect a pattern, produce a desired outcome and perhaps beat a grandmaster in chess.

Human intelligence is faster, quirkier and more nimble. We take mental shortcuts. We have a knack for discerning the rules of a game, the dynamic of a situation, who's mad at whom, where to find the keg, and so on. The human mind -- the most complex piece of matter in the known universe -- is adept at getting the gist of things quickly.

Now researchers report a breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence: A machine-learning program that mimics how humans learn."