Smart glasses for seniors with dementia, The Straits Times

Photo of Professor Tomaso Poggio from MIT's Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences and Dr Xu Qianli from A*Star's Institute for Infocomm Research
July 10, 2015

Device can help them check if they're taking the right medicine, recognise familiar faces

The Straits Times, July 10, 2015


Institute for Infocomm Research - A*Star, a CBMM International Partner, has developed an application which utilized the GoogleGlass platform to help users recognize people and discreetly send medical reminders.



"Scientists in Singapore are developing intelligent glasses that can recognise different people, for instance, and discreetly remind the user who they are; or tell him the right pills to take, and vibrate or sound an alarm when it is time to do so.

It is hoped that, in ageing Singapore, the new device will help more elderly people to cope and ease the load of caregivers."


"Professor Tomaso Poggio of Massachusetts Institute of Tech- nology's Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences oversaw the development of the devices as part of the Singapore research facility's Revive (Reverse-Engineering Visual Intelligence for Cognitive Enhancement) programme.

Within the next two years, Prof Poggio said, the group also hopes to develop wearable devices that can help people with poor eyesight to recognise objects in the environment and find their way around, among other things."


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