Tour - Open Source Subject Database Project


Below you will find screenshots and descriptions of the different parts of a sample website. If you have questions, please feel free to contact the project creator/maintainer, Kris Brewer -

*update 1/18/2024 - platform has been updated to Drupal 10.1.7 and streamlining and functionality has been added to the website. The tour below will show you the minimum available, but some pages may have more options or areas/fields have been moved to be more efficient.*

This will create a new Family unit with info from the left image. Each Child unit added (right image) will be linked to this Family unit.

Sample of Sign Up page

The Family unit detail page displays the family information, Children units linked to the Family unit and all Contact Logs associated with all Children of the Family with the most recent at the top.

Subject (Child unit) detail page shows all subject related information. Delete/Manage Display is only available to site Admins. Add/Edit information, including Contact Logs, by editing the record using the Edit button.

If a family signs up twice or more, once for each child they are registering, you can reassign a Subject/Child unit by editing the Family field in the Subject/Child record. Enter the "master" Family unit's serial ID number (auto assigned and displayed on the Family detail at the top) and select the record that appears in the field. It is recommended to delete any Family units that don't have any children based on reassignment to avoid empty and duplicate Family units.

If a Contact Log has a status of Visited, inferring that they actually participated in a study, the Study Log in the upper right will display this as well as an easy way to see what studies they have already participated in.

Always be sure to Save any changes. Save button is at the bottom of every Edit page.

Sample Subject Detail page

When logged in and based on the user's role (Researcher or Admin), they will see the below quick menus (Admins will see both).

  • Add People creates public profiles that will show on the public facing "People" page.
  • Add Researcher creates a Researcher account that has access to the private data side of the website. Role of Researcher must be selected on this page to assign the appropriate privileges to this account.
  • Add Protocol # allows you to create protocol numbers to assign to Experiments
  • Add Experiment allows you to create a new Experiment to be assigned to Contact Logs.

Quick menu assignments

By default, this page displays only Active studies. This can be changed using the dropdown menu above the table.

Sample of All Experiments page

Experiment Detail page displays all Experiment info (and where it can be editing, deleted, etc. using the buttons at the top - Admin only) and all Subjects/Children that have a Contact Log with the experiment assigned to it.

Experiment detail page

All Subjects displays all Subject/Children units once. By default, those that are identified as premature ("preme" - default setting on platform is 36 months or less, can be changed based on your needs) are not displayed. Can be shown by changing Preme selector on page. Age Search is calculated in months. 1 month = first day of one month to the first day of the next month regardless of month actual length. Search includes end months entries. Ex. search for 1 - 3 months = all entries that start at 1mo, 0days and ends with all entries up to, but not including 4 months.

Sample of All Subjects Page

All Entries displays Subject/Children records once for each unit + contact logs. If a Subject has 0-1 Contact Logs, it will show once. If a Subject has 2+ Contact Logs, it will show once for each Contact Log.

Sample of All Entries page

All Families displays all Family units and the most recent Contact Log for each Child unit assigned to it.

Sample of All Families page