Deep Leaning: Mathematics and Neuroscience

TitleDeep Leaning: Mathematics and Neuroscience
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsPoggio, T
JournalA Sponsored Supplement to Science
VolumeBrain-Inspired intelligent robotics: The intersection of robotics and neuroscience
Start Page9
Date Published12/2016

Understanding the nature of intelligence is one of the greatest challenges in science and technology today. Making significant progress toward this goal will require the interaction of several disciplines including neuroscience and cognitive science, as well as computer science, robotics, and machine learning. In this paper, I will discuss the implications of recent empirical successes in many applications, such as image categorizations, face identification, localization, action recognition through a machine learning technique called "deep learning," which is based on multi-layer or hierarchical neural networks. Such neural networks have become a central tool in machine learning.


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