Do Deep Neural Networks Suffer from Crowding? [code]

TitleDo Deep Neural Networks Suffer from Crowding? [code]
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Year of Publication2017
AuthorsVolokitin, A, Roig, G
Date Published06/2017

This code accompanies the paper "Do Deep Neural Networks Suffer from Crowding?" by Anna Volokitin, Gemma Roig and Tomaso Poggio [1].

The main purpose of this repository is to provide an implementation of the eccentricity-dependent model [3], as well as to show an example of our experiments carried in [1]. This code is inspired by the implementation described in [2]. Yet, it is is not intended to replicate the results reported in [2].

The code is provided as is and is for academic purpose only.

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GitHub repository for this code for downloading, cloning, etc.

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