Functional organization of the human superior temporal sulcus

TitleFunctional organization of the human superior temporal sulcus
Publication TypeConference Abstract
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsDeen, B, Kanwisher, N, Saxe, R
Conference NameOrganization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM 2015)
Number Poster Number: 4380
Date Published6/2015
Place PublishedHonolulu, HI

The human superior temporal sulcus (STS) has been implicated in a broad range of social perceptual and cognitive processes, including the perception of faces, biological motion, and vocal sounds, and the understanding of language and mental states. However, little is known about the overall functional organization of these responses. Does the STS contain distinct, specialized regions for processing different types of social information? Or is cortex in the STS largely multifunctional, with each region engaged in multiple different computations (Hein, 2008)? Because prior work has largely studied these processes independently, this question remains unanswered. Here, we first identify distinct functional subregions of the STS, and then examine their response to a broad range of social stimuli.

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