Our Mother the Machine, by Dan Rockmore [Huffpost]

TitleOur Mother the Machine, by Dan Rockmore [Huffpost]
Publication TypeViews & Reviews
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsRockmore, D
Date Published05/2015
PublisherHuffington Post

Prof. Dan Rockmore, Director of the Neukom Institute for Computational Science - Dartmouth College and member of the CBMM External Advisory Committe (EAC), has contributed an article to the Huffington Pist which may be of interest to the CBMM Commnity.

"The last couple years were pretty great years in the movies for artificial intelligence. "Her" -- the first movie ever about a relationship between an operating system and a person -- as well as the "The Imitation Game" -- about the father of AI, Alan Turing -- each won Oscars for their screenplays in addition to earning multiple nominations, including for best picture. Central to both of these movies was the famous "Turing Test," a thought experiment for providing a benchmark for achieving a level of human intelligence in a machine, wherein a human is given the opportunity to "converse" with a hidden partner, either another person or a machine. If the conversational guinea pig mistakes a machine for a person, then technology has finally made the great leap forward in the bridging of brains with bits and bytes. ... "

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