Dimensionality Reduction II (29:54)

Dimensionality Reduction II (29:54)

Date Posted:  January 21, 2016
Date Recorded:  January 21, 2016
Speaker(s):  Sam Norman-Haignere
  • Computational Tutorials

Taught by: Sam Norman-Haignere

Dimensionality Reduction using the method of Independent Components Analysis, and its application to the analysis of fMRI data. Dimensionality Reduction II tutorial from the tutorial series in computational topics for brain and cognitive sciences. Lecture slides, references, exercises, and sign-ups for future tutorials are posted here: https://stellar.mit.edu/S/project/bcs-comp-tut/

Each tutorial consists of a lecture, and then 'office hours' time to work through exercises and discuss current research problems. Tutorials are geared toward grad students and postdocs with some computational interest/background, but who aren't experts in these topics.

Thanks to MIT BCS seminar committee, postdoc committee (especially Evan Remington), and graduate advocate committee for funding and organizing help.

Tutorial series founded by Emily Mackevicius.

More information can be found here - https://stellar.mit.edu/S/project/bcs-comp-tut/index.html