EAC Panel on AI and Jobs

EAC Panel on AI and Jobs

Date Posted:  April 7, 2017
Date Recorded:  March 23, 2017
CBMM Speaker(s):  David Siegel Speaker(s):  Andrew McAfee
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CBMM External Advisory Committee Member David Siegel (TwoSigma) talks with MIT principal research scientist Andrew McAfee about the role of artificial intelligence and jobs.


Prior to co-founding Two Sigma, David was Chief Technology Officer and Managing Director at Tudor Investment Corporation. After earning his doctorate, David joined D. E. Shaw & Co. and rose to become the company's first chief information officer. While at D. E. Shaw & Co., he founded and served as president of FarSight Financial Services, the world's first integrated personal financial services website, which was acquired by Merrill Lynch. A graduate of Princeton University, David received a PhD in computer science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he studied at its Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. David has had a lifelong interest in building intelligent computational systems and continues to actively pursue this mission at Two Sigma today.

He currently sits on the Board of Directors of the Hamilton Insurance Group, the Scratch Foundation, NYC FIRST and NAF. In addition, David is a trustee of Carnegie Hall, an Executive Advisory Committee Member of the NSF/MIT Center for Brains, Minds & Machines and an advisory board member of Stanford’s Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society.

David is also a member of the Cornell Tech Board of Overseers and a member of the Corporation Visiting Committee for the MIT Media Laboratory.

Andrew McAfee (@amcafee)

A principal research scientist at MIT, studies how digital technologies are changing business, the economy, and society. His 2014 book on these topics, The Second Machine Age: Work, Progress, and Prosperity in a Time of Brilliant Technologies (co-authored with Erik Brynjolfsson) was a New York Times bestseller and was shortlisted for the Financial Times / McKinsey business book of the year award. He writes academic papers, a blog for the Financial Times, and articles for publications including Harvard Business Review, The Economist, The Wall St. Journal, and The New York Times. He’s talked about his work on The Charlie Rose Show and 60 Minutes, at TED, Davos, the Aspen Ideas Festival, and in front of many other audiences.

He was educated at Harvard and MIT, where he is the co-founder of the Institute’s Initiative on the Digital Economy.