How are we able to see (how the brain works)?

How are we able to see (how the brain works)?

Date Posted:  May 23, 2023
Date Recorded:  May 23, 2023
CBMM Speaker(s):  R.T. Pramod
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How are we able to see (how the brain works)?

Pramod RT, Postdoctoral Associate, MIT Dept. of Brain and Cognitive Sciences

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  • Nancy’s Brain Talks (videos), jump to Section 3.
    • MIT Prof. Nancy Kanwisher explains how the human brain works in these videos taken from sections of her course she teaches at MIT entitled 9.11 The Human Brain.
  • Look and Learn: Studying the visual system (Picower Institute at MIT)
    • Vision isn’t necessary for learning, memory, cognition or behavior, yet studies of how the brain processes sight have produced an extraordinary canon of fundamental insights into all those brain functions. Many of those findings have occurred in labs of The Picower Institute for Learning and Memory, where researchers have put a focus on looking at how the brain looks at the world.
  • How the brain distinguishes between objects (MIT News)
    • Study shows that a brain region called the inferotemporal cortex is key to differentiating bears from chairs.
  • Scientists discover anatomical changes in the brains of the newly sighted (MIT News)
    • Following cataract removal, some of the brain’s visual pathways seem to be more malleable than previously thought.


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