Singularity on OpenMind

Singularity on OpenMind

Date Posted:  February 16, 2017
Date Recorded:  February 16, 2017
Speaker(s):  Satrajit Ghosh
  • Computational Tutorials

Satrajit Ghosh, MIT

The tutorial will focus on singularity, an HPC container service, and how to incorporate it into your openmind workflow.

More information can be found here -

Update from the presenter:

From the presenter:

"The singularity slides are here:

However, beyond some introductory stuff, singularity 2.4 (latest release) is quite different from previous versions. So, they are mostly out of date.

I would also welcome any updates to the slides themselves. the git repo is here, and all one needs to know is markdown:

Mario has been putting together new material to support singularity education for Openmind. This isn't complete yet but, he hopes to finish it in the next month or so:"