Leyla Isik

Leyla Isik
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Leyla is a postdoctoral researcher co-advised by Nancy Kanwisher and Gabriel Kreiman. She is interested in understanding how the brain extracts visual and social information (such as who you are looking at, what that person is doing, and who they are interacting with) from complex scenes. She studies this problem using a combination of human neuroimaging, intracranial recordings, and machine learning.

Leyla completed her PhD in Computational and Systems Biology at MIT where she was advised by Tomaso Poggio and studied the dynamics of object and action recognition in the human brain using a combination of MEG decoding and computational modeling.

Past Advisees

Diana Dima - Postdoc
Elizabeth Merritt Eastman - Graduate Student


CBMM Publications

K. Dobs, Isik, L., Pantazis, D., and Kanwisher, N., How face perception unfolds over time, Nature Communications, vol. 10, no. 1, 2019.
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