Gabriel Kreiman

Gabriel Kreiman
Associate Director, Research Module Co-Leader

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Gabriel Kreiman is Professor in the Department of Ophthalmology at Harvard Medical School. He is also a faculty at Children’s Hospital, the Department of Neurology at HMS, the Center for Brain Science, the Swartz Center for Theoretical Neuroscience and the Mind, Brain and Behavior Initiative at Harvard. He studied Physical Chemistry for his B.Sc. at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina (1996). He received a M.Sc. and Ph.D. (Biology and Computational Neuroscience) from the California Institute of Technology in 2002 under Prof. Koch’s mentorship. He pursued postdoctoral work with Prof. Poggio at MIT. The Kreiman Laboratory combines computational modeling, neurophysiological recordings and psychophysical measurements to further our understanding of the neuronal circuits and mechanisms underlying perception and cognition.

Phone:  (781) 214-0756

Current Advisees

Marcelo Armendariz - Postdoc
Frederico Azevedo - Research Scientist
Trenton Bricken - Graduate Student
Chenguang Li - Graduate Student
Spandan Madan - Graduate Student
Diego Mendoza-Halliday - Research Scientist
Pranav Misra - Graduate Student
Martin Schrimpf - Research Scientist
Morgan Talbot - Graduate Student
Annabelle Tao - Graduate Student
Will Xiao - Graduate Student
Zechen Zhang - Graduate Student

Past Advisees

Katarina Bendtz - Postdoc, Human Frontiers Science Program Cross Disciplinary Fellow
Stephen Casper - Undergrad
Emma Giles - Graduate Student
Stephan Grzelkowski - Graduate Student
Eleonora Iaselli - Graduate Student
Jiye Kim - Postdoc
Emma Krause - Graduate Student
Bill Lotter - Graduate Student
Boying Meng - Graduate Student
Joseph Olson - Graduate Student
Kristofor Payer - Research Staff
Nimrod Shaham - Postdoc
Duncan Stothers - Undergraduate Student
Kasper Vinken - Postdoc
Jerry Wang - Graduate Student
Farahnaz Wick - Postdoc
Kevin Wu - Graduate Student
Eric Wu - Graduate Student
Yuchen Xiao - Graduate Student
Zihao Xu - Graduate Student
Mengmi Zhang - Postdoc


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