Rosa Lafer-Sousa

Graduate Student
Department:  Brain and Cognitive Sciences

Associated Research Thrust: 

My work aims to shed light on the neural architecture of the visual system and establish links between neural activity, perception, and behavior, with a focus on color as a model system.  I use functional magnetic resonance imaging to investigate the functional organization of high-level visual cortex in human and non-human primates, providing evidence for fundamental organizing principles within this system and homology across species (Lafer-Sousa et al., J Neurosci 2016; Lafer-Sousa and Conway, Nat Neuro 2013).  I also employ psychophysics and computational modeling to probe how the brain resolves color ambiguity to achieve color constant perception (Lafer-Sousa et al., Curr Biol 2015)—I am particularly interested in the role of high-level information and prior knowledge.  As well, I seek to leverage my interest and training in art making to inform my study of the visual system.  


Phone:  (210) 325-3185

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