Biological and Artificial Intelligence

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Course Number(s): 
Neuro 140, Neuro 240


  • Spring 2019

Course Level: 

  • Graduate, Undergraduate
Class Days/Times: 
Tue 3:00pm to 4:15pm
Thu 3:00pm to 4:15pm
Course Description: 

This course provides a foundational overview of the fundamental ideas in computational neuroscience and the study of Biological Intelligence. At the same time, the course will connect the study of brains to the blossoming and rapid development of ideas in Artificial Intelligence. Topics covered include the biophysics of computation, neural networks, machine learning, Bayesian models, theory of learning, deep convolutional networks, generative adversarial networks, neural coding, control and dynamics of neural activity, applications to brain-machine interfaces, connectomics, among others. Lectures will be taught by leading Harvard experts in the field.

Faculty include: Barbu, Blum, Boix, Drugowitsch, Gershman, Kreiman, Mahadevan, Mathis, Pehlevan, Rakhlin, Samuel, Sompolinsky, Ullman