Becoming Human: Unnatural Genius [Channel News Asia]

Becoming Human: Unnatural Genius [Channel News Asia]
March 11, 2019

A new video series episode exploring Artificial Intelligence features three CBMM researchers - Tomaso Poggio, Elizabeth Spelke, and Max Tegmark - starting around 38:48. The whole episode is worth watching if you have the time. Synopsis about the series from the production website follows:

"Enlai explores how natural intelligence inspires artificial intelligence. He meets A.I. trained to think like artists, musicians, doctors & scientists, and he learns how A.I. can outsmart us.

About the show: In this four-part documentary series, comedic actor Chua Enlai embarks on a zany, international exploration of artificial intelligence. He examines A.I.’s potential to become like us and transform humanity; redefining love & relationships, expanding the boundaries of creativity & intelligence, recalibrating the international balance of power, and testing the limits of ethics, morality & spirituality. How will A.I. change us for the better or for the worse?"

To learn more and watch the episode/series on Channel News Asia's website, please use the link below.

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