Cognitive intelligence trends brainstormed at WAIC forum [Shine]

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July 9, 2021
by Hu Min

More than 100 scholars, professors and experts in artificial intelligence fields brainstormed the development trends of cognitive intelligence and the Conscious Turing Machine at a forum in Shanghai on Friday.

Topics covered at the "Cognitive Intelligence – Change the World" forum included the science and engineering of artificial intelligence, prospects for classical AI, interactive teaching machines with natural languages, insights from the Conscious Turing Machine, and explorations of cognitive intelligence.

Tomaso A. Poggio, director of the Center for Brains, Minds and Machines at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said the next breakthroughs of intelligence would come from neuroscience.

"Where are the next breakthroughs happen? I expect several will come from neuroscience," he said.

"Reinforcement learning is the core of the algorithms used by AlphaGo, and deep learning is the core of many supervised learning algorithms that can classify images and sentences," he said. "If we look at the histories of these two algorithms, they both came from neuroscience."

Hosted by UniDT (Shanghai) Co Ltd, an AI and leading data technology company, the forum is part of the ongoing World Artificial Intelligence Conference.

"Artificial intelligence has become the core driving power of a new round of industrial reform, and new technologies, models and industries are shaping new motivation power in economic and social development," said Shi Boming, director of AI development at Shanghai Economic and Information Commission.

The forum is expected to facilitate the development of Shanghai's AI industry, particularly the coordination of industry, education and research fields in basic theory, algorithm and application areas, he said.

Source: SHINE   Editor: Cai Wenjun
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